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2 geese shot by arrows in eastern CT

GROTON & OLD LYME, Conn. (WTNH) - After a bird with an arrow protruding from its body was spotted swimming in Rock Lake at the submarine base in Groton, the Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to who shot the bird.

"It frustrates us because it's so malicious and it's so unnecessary," said Laura Simon, President of Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association or CWRA.

The group ended up getting more pictures of the bird which was later spotted on the golf course at the base and it learned of a second goose which had been shot by a student at Lyme-Old Lyme High School.

"Apparently intentionally turned while in archery class in gym and shot at a goose flock," said Simon.

Other students believed a bird had been struck but managed to fly off with the flock. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection could not find the injured goose.

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"Didn't find the arrow either so there's a good chance that arrow is still in that bird doing harm," said Simon.

DEEP says environmental conservation police did issue an infraction to a high school student in Old Lyme for illegal hunting. The name of that student who could face a fine is not being released because of his age.

The superintendent of schools could not say if the student faces any disciplinary action.

"It's illegal because you cannot just arbitrarily kill birds," said Simon. "Geese are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act."

Simon says people need a hunting license and it has to done within the parameters of state statutes. It is believed this goose was shot six weeks ago.

"It's been managing but winter coming on and there's a lot of potential for harm,," said Simon. "So we need to get that arrow out of that bird."

CWRA is working with the submarine base to try to get a rehabilitator on base to capture the goose so it can be treated.

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