GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Embracing that there are few things cuter than baby goats, a family on the southeast side of Michigan is offering you an opportunity to meet some even while you’re staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The family that owns Goat Life Farm in Oxford is selling Zoom calls with a herd of Nigerian dwarf goats.

“We have our meetings, the goats love to get in here and do their thing. We got babies, we got adults,” Jeanette Ross, the CEO and head goat farmer at Goat Life Farm said. “We have about 17 (goats) on the farm right now. We have two bucks and the rest are does and babies.”

Among the kids at the farm is a set of triplets born on Easter. There is also a pregnant goat that is due next week.

$40 buys you a 30-minute meeting with the goats. Ross, your Zoom meeting host, will show you how the goats play and interact. $5 from every call goes toward a local food pantry.

“Goats are fun. They’re spunky. They like to do crazy stuff. I was on the phone earlier today and someone ate a hole in my shirt,” Ross said.

The farm started offering the Zoom calls Friday and Ross said it’s already very popular. She has had calls with school children, corporate meetings, and even a happy hour.

“It’s just kind of lighthearted so people can see it. It’s a tough time right now. Everyone’s just kind of cooped up inside and it’s fun to see the animals and watch them in their natural habitat run around and just have fun and being crazy,” Ross said.

Ross says the farm is also selling lotions and soaps made in-house with goat’s milk.