WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A pedestrian recovering Friday after being hit at an intersection at the West Haven VA Hospital. It happened Thursday afternoon and it’s not the first time someone has been hit there. This is at least the third accident in just three years, and one of them was deadly in 2013.

It was an employee that was struck by a driver Thursday. The problem is well known to federal hospital officials, who commissioned a safety study on the intersection nearly two years ago.

“It’s an extremely busy intersection with a tremendous amount of pedestrian and vehicular traffic,” said Attorney Gregory Cerritelli, who represents Dr. Betsy Schulman, a VA employee without compensation who was struck by a vehicle in December 2014. “That intersection is inherently dangerous. Our information is that to date five people have been struck at the intersection. One of them resulted in a fatality.”

That fatality occurred in September of 2013. A man was killed after being hit by a truck while crossing the intersection on the VA campus.

Cerritelli’s client was reporting to work when she was struck. News 8 obtained exclusive surveillance video from the incident. It shows a crossing-guard calling for Dr. Schulman to cross. Just seconds after she steps in to the intersection, a driver runs her down, as the cross-guard has his back turned. The intersection is necessary to cross for many people entering the VA, including elderly or disabled vets.

“There is no way that one traffic crossing monitor could possibly, safely monitor that volume of pedestrian traffic and vehicles in that area,” Cerritelli said.

Dr. Schulman plans to file a federal lawsuit against the VA soon. News 8 will continue to look into the issue of pedestrian safety and report back with more in the near future.