Another reported death connected to e-cigarettes – the CDC takes more action


(ABC News) – California – the latest state to take a stand against flavored e-cigarettes often used by teens and young adults.

“Again, we’re pushing the envelope. We’ll see how far we can go,” says Governor Gavin Newsom, calling for warning labels, an awareness campaign, and removal of illegal vaping products.

This comes after another reported death overnight – connected to e-cigarettes, this time near Fresno, California.

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Now the Centers for Disease Control, activating an Emergency Operations Center in response to the growing number of lung injury cases associated with e-cigarettes.

The latest numbers – at least six people dead across six states – and at least 380 cases of lung illness reported across 36 states and the u-s virgin islands.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, (D-IL) says, “We’ve got to convince students first that it’s a bad idea to vape. We’ve got to convince their parents that it’s not a harmless cloud of smoke around their heads.”

Health officials from coast to coast – encouraging Americans to stop vaping while trying to figure out what’s causing people to get sick.

In Chicago — public schools now banning vaping in or near the campuses.

In New York – e-cigarette stores – scrambling to follow a new statewide ban of flavored e-cigarettes.

Inan Rehman, manager of Jubilee Vape and Smoke says, “So the manufacturer doesn’t have any idea. The wholesaler doesn’t have an idea. The retailer doesn’t have an idea. So what do we do with the inventory right now?”

The federal government is also working to ban flavored e-cigarettes that the agency says appeal to children.

By their estimates, more than a quarter of American high school students are current e-cigarette users.

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