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Are antibiotics given unnecessarily to children?


We all want a fast fix when we get sick, but antibiotics may not always be the cure.

When diagnosed with a virus, sometimes, the best treatment is to rest until the symptoms disappear. 

Using antibiotics when they aren’t necessary is not just useless, it can be harmful.

Overuse can lead to bacterial resistance and increases the risk of harmful side effects from medications in the future. 

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Bronchiolitis, a lower respiratory infection, is the most common infection in children 2-years-old and under. It is more likely to be a viral infection and, therefore, not responsive to antibiotics.

A recent study found that nearly 70 percent of children who were treated in the ER for bronchiolitis did not have a bacterial infection.  

Some suspect the antibiotics might be prescribed so that parents don’t walk out thinking nothing was done for their child. 

So, tell the ER doctor you know viral can’t be treated with antibiotics and to only prescribe them if they will help your child. 

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