At the Movies – “Creed II” and “Robin Hood”


The film “Creed” owned Thanksgiving weekend back in 2015, so why should “Creed II” be any different?

Especially since its star, Michael B. Jordan, really came into his own just earlier this year as the bad guy in “Black Panther.”

Here he’s playing Apollo Creed’s illegitimate offspring who’s totally legit in the ring once again, Adonis Creed, with Rocky Balboa still by his side. Even better, he’s fighting the son of the guy who killed his dad. It’s Creed versus Drago all over again, with Dolph Lundgren back.

I mean, I’m sure he wasn’t busy. Give me somebody playing Mickey’s grandson and I’m all set!

Or head back to Sherwood forest – ya know, Robin Hood’s stomping grounds. This time Kingsman star Taron Egerton and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx are robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Yep, Foxx is Little John alright and newcomer Eve Hewson is Maid Marian.

Not to be confused with Margot Robbie’s “Marian” – the film due next year that puts her front and center, kicking butt and taking names. For real – that movie is being made. You know we’ve got one coming called “Lane,” with, like, Alicia Vikander playing a reporter named Lois. Both films are rated pg-13.   

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