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At the Movies: ‘Dumbo’


(WTNH) —  Tim Burton the guy who gave us ‘Beetlejuice’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and dark takes on ‘The Dark Knight’ and even ‘Willy Wonka now gives us his take on ‘Dumbo’, the beloved Disney elephant with enormous ears. There are enormous stakes too. Ya don’t mess with Disney. Lindsay Lohan learned that the hard way. You ‘Herbie the Love Bug’ fans know what I’m talking about. 

The original ‘Dumbo’, only 64 minutes long, was heartbreaking but ultimately exhilarating. An outcast elephant, separated from his mother, realizing those ears help him to fly; that the very thing causing him to be branded a freak is what makes him special. 

This is all the stuff Burton gravitates to: outcasts, parental separation, the freak turning out to be the hero. The flying here is every bit as exciting as Dumbo’s one and only flight in the Disney classic. Michael Keaton and Danny Devito Batman and the Penguin respectively are here working for Burton again, with Colin Farrell as a war hero who lost his wife and an arm and is struggling to connect with his kids. Yes, of course Burton manages to make Dumbo even darker than it already was. In fact, if all goes well we could actually get a sequel to ‘Bambi’: Bambi’s revenge. Admit it we all wanna see that movie.

‘Dumbo’ is rated PG-13.       

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