Auto shops backed up as cars damaged by storms roll in


At Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, roofs were smashed, hoods caved in and windows blown out as the tornado ripped through. Jacob Stadley was the lucky one.

“My truck was literally the only vehicle that wasn’t destroyed,” he said.

The average storm repair is about $15,000, but it doesn’t take much to total a car, especially if rain water gets in after the windows are blown out. At Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, they say to keep tarp over it, keep it covered if you can, before gets towed in for repairs.

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They have had a lot of vehicles come in, damaged by branches and hail, as well as distracted drivers.

“We have had a lot of claims from people who were videoing and taking photos of the clouds, and then rear ended the person in front of them on the highway. So we are getting hit from all directions,” said Dan Hovey.

Hovey says there is a lot of hail damage out there, and the shoreline was hit pretty hard. He says fixing the damage can be tricky. You should see if the auto body shop can fix it with PDR, that stands for paintless dent repair first.

“A PDR is a lot less invasive, it is really better for the car, if it is successful. But in cases like Granby and Hamden, that were hit harder. Those aren’t repair methods that work,” he said.

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