(WTNH) — We are getting close to the deadline but if you haven’t filed yet, it’s important you don’t rush through it when you do.

You want to get your taxes done on time to avoid penalty, but you also want to make sure it’s done right or else you could find yourself trying to defend yourself later when you get audited.

Tax attorney Eric Green says rushing through, estimating and embellishing is a sure way to get audited and in trouble with the government.

Some things to consider as you file: Make sure what’s on the return matches what the IRS has. Don’t skip over W2’s or other important forms. The missing documents will bring IRS knocking. Estimating is another sure way to get audited.

“It’s amazing how often we’ll see a return when all of the expenses are nice even numbers, 2,500, 200, 3,000,” said Green. He says high-earners should expect they will be audited so stay organized and keep your paperwork.

If you claim mileage that’s a sure way to get audited because so few people keep track of that all year.

Be ready to back up your claims with proof. You also want proof of the charitable giving. “Very large charitable giving, if you give more than $500 you need a receipt. More than $5,000 you’re supposed to have a qualified appraisal that’s attached to your return. If that comes in and it’s not there, that would be an audit trigger,” Green said.

Also, never let a preparer submit your taxes without letting you review them first so you know the information is correct. And make sure you have your preparers contact information so you can call them for help if you are audited.