It is not the way they wanted to ring in the new year. However, the congregation at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church on Highland Avenue in Waterbury is starting 2019 feeling disturbed after someone stole their Baby Jesus from their nativity scene outside the church last weekend.

“It’s very upsetting,” said Lucille Palmerie, a member of the church. “I can’t believe anybody would come on church property and steal Baby Jesus from the creche.”

“It’s very hurtful to our church,” said Lenora Agostine, another church member. 

The Pastor has tried to offer comforting words to the congregation, but, even he gets emotional when he thinks of someone stealing something so sacred from a church.

“I just feel so hurt inside,” said Father Fred Aniello. “We bring that infant here and we place it there to show the world that Jesus is born. And to take that away, to me it seems ….it’s just ridiculous.”

Waterbury police are investigating. 

Due to the New Year’s Day holiday, no one from the department was available to speak on camera, but the new police chief texted News 8 saying police are on the case and in touch with Father Aniello.

“I know the police are right on it,” Father Aniello said.

That’s of some comfort to members of the congregation. They’re keeping the faith that their Baby Jesus will be returned. And they have a message for whoever stole him.

“Please bring it back,” Lucille said.

“It’s very important to us,” Lenora said. “And it’s a sad situation that someone would just come and take the Baby Jesus.”