GROTON, Conn. (WTNH) – There was a special guest at Ella T. Grasso Technical High School in Groton on Tuesday.

Students for Recovery brought in Zac Clark from ABC’s ‘Bachelorette’. While he won his season, that’s not what brought him into the school.

“I think when people see me they see someone that is living a life of recovery, right?” said Clark. “And It makes them believe a couple of things. One that there is hope. That recovery is possible and that this life doesn’t suck. Right?” 

He started the full-service recovery organization Release Recovery in New York City which has a charitable arm.

“Right before COVID hit we kind of saw the need to help those who couldn’t afford treatment,” said Clark. 

Students hope he will help with their efforts to let people know recovery is possible and help is available. 

 “We have our three pillars which are awareness, support, and advocacy,” said Shayleen Castillo, President of Students for Recovery. 

“I have my personal experiences seeing friends, and family struggle with it and I just I feel like it’s finally time to start something to change it,” said Leah LaPointe, Students for Recovery. 

The students’ efforts reach beyond the school. This spring they will hold their second Recovery Fest.  

It was after their first one last year that they got a shout-out from Zac Clark on Instagram and that led to this visit. 

Ledge Light Health District paid for that cameo and apparently, it has paid off. 

“I hope we can do something great together,” said Taylor Sanders, Students for Recovery. 

The students reached out to Clark and he has reached back. 

“I’m telling you like I’m so inspired just sitting with you at the table,” said Clark.