HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Sliced cucumbers and other healthy snacks could play a big part in your child’s success in school.

“Nutrition is important to help them be the best learners they can be during the day,” said Shannon Haynes, a registered dietitian with Hartford HealthCare.

She recommends having two food groups for snacks and three or four food groups for lunch. One type of convenient container for that is a bento box.

“I like how it has all the different compartments,” Haynes said.

She suggests filling some of those compartments or any containers with fruits.

“Kids tend to like berries, and they have a ton of vitamins and minerals and nutrients in them,” Haynes said.

She said some people also prefer a squeezable fruit packet, which may be less messy. You’ll also want to add vegetables like carrots or her favorite, English cucumbers.

“They have a very thin skin on them, and there’s no seeds,” Haynes said

You can even add hummus as a dip. Next is a protein.

“Maybe it’s a cheese stick,” Haynes said. “Maybe it’s a little bit of deli meat, like turkey or something.”

You can also add a sandwich with peanut butter if nuts are allowed or sun butter if they are not. Low-sugar and low-fat yogurt or a granola bar are also good options.

“You want a bar that has less than ten grams of added sugars,” Haynes explained.

She said if you have a picky eater, it might be helpful to have them go shopping with you and help prepare the lunch. The more they are involved, the more likely they may eat a healthy homemade lunch. Haynes said school lunches are well-rounded, but don’t skip the healthy stuff.

“I always encourage the kids, please eat the fruit,” Haynes said. “Please eat the vegetables.”

She said if you eat breakfast before school, ensure it’s not high in sugar and carbs; otherwise, you could crash once in class.