Backpack Warning: Health issues you could be facing from wearing one that’s too heavy


Recent computer simulation done by the doctors at the New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Center looked at the actual force a backpack put on the spine. 

They found that every 1 pound in a backpack equaled 7 pounds of force on a straight spine.

For someone who is slumped forward, each pound is equal to almost 12 pounds of force on the spine.

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So your teen who’s carrying a 5 pound backpack is actually carrying about 35 pounds on their back.

To avoid the wear and tear on your joints and muscles, here are some easy things to do instead:

  • Pack only what you need
  • Use e-books
  • Wear both straps of the backpack
  • Proper posture is key: ears above your shoulder, shoulders back
  • Remember that 1 book = 7 books on your spine

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