BDL Air Traffic Controller; can’t hold out much longer without pay


The stress on federal workers here in Connecticut is mounting as they face a second payless payday because of the federal shutdown.  About 40 of those workers are in what is commonly described as one of the top ten most stressful jobs.

By now you’ve probably heard about some unpaid TSA screeners not coming to work as the partial federal government shutdown continues.  The shutdown is having another big impact on another group of federal workers.

The approximately 40 Air Traffic Controllers that work at Bradley tower controlling air traffic there, Brainard Field in Hartford and for two military air fields in Western Massachusetts.

32-year-old Bryan Krampovitis of West Haven has been helping to keep the skies safe here for the past seven years and is now facing his second pay less payday next week. He, along with the others, have not been paid since before Christmas. How much longer can he go?  

“Personally, not much longer than another week or two without making some decisions about getting some income,” says Krampovitis.

Bryan is the single father of a 3-year-old daughter named Savannah, and so far his day care provider has been willing to give him a greatly discounted rate which has left him with enough cash for his $20 per day gasoline travel costs.

He also says many of the other controllers are at the same point in their life and all facing the same stresses because of the shutdown adding, “Low to mid thirties, they have young children, just bought houses, things like that.  They’re in the point of their life where they don’t have much savings.”

Many of them met today with Senator Chris Murphy who told them that President Trump‘s proposal has no chance of passing in the U.S. Senate tomorrow adding, “My hope is that the ‘clean bill’ to re-open the government with no conditions will pass once Republicans see that there is not sufficient suspport for the President’s rediculous proposal.”

Murphy thinks that if the ‘clean’ re-open the government bill does pass tomorrow, the President might be moved to negotiate to reopen while still negotiating.

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