(WTNH) – The Connecticut Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning people to be cautious when buying tickets they see on social media pages.

With COVID restrictions lifted and events coming back this summer, scammers are taking full advantage of people wanting to get out and do things by selling fake tickets. 

“What scammers will do is they will take actual events and create phony advertisements of their own,” said Kristen Johnson, Director of Communications for the Connecticut Business Bureau. “One woman lost hundreds of dollars for a concert and the scammer sent her tickets that were meant for someone else.”

Johnson says you can spot a scam if the price is suspicious. 

“If you’re seeing a price that’s so much lower than what everyone else is selling that ticket for, that is a really big red flag,” said Johnson.

She says to check for grammar or spelling mistakes and compare ads from social media to the real website. 

The BBB is also warning the public about scammers that sell tickets to events that don’t exist. Customers should also do their own research on events. 

Some things you can do to avoid a scam is:

  • Pay by credit card. You can dispute the charges if the business doesn’t come through.
  • Look for secure sights. The websites should begin with https.
  • Avoid tickets sold on third-party sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.