Billboard wars: Addiction treatment center Turnbridge responds to “weed is legal in 60 miles” ad


An addiction center has an answer to the ‘Weedmaps’ billboard that’s been turning heads on Interstate 91.

There is a billboard ad on the highway that’s got everbody talking. You’ve probably caught a glimpse of it – the “weed is legal in 60 miles” ad, a message in reference to legal marijuana in Massachusetts.

Weedmaps is a website that helps people find medical and recreational pot dispensaries.

Well, Turnbridge, a nationally recognized addiction treatment provider, put up its own billboard a short distance from the weedmaps one saying “addiction treatment is closer.”

“If we’re not championing recovery, then who else will? Weed, marijuana, legilization, that’s not going away. But we need to be on the forefront of help,” Jamie Hazelton, VP of Turnbridge.

Turnbridge says it will keep its billboard up… as long as the weedmaps billboard stays up.

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