FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) – The “Black and Red” event at Farmington Polo Club was reimagined to mitigate COVID-19 risk on Sunday, which resulted in a record-setting $2 million raised for Hartford Healthcare to benefit behavioral health.

Normally an indoor event, the club pitched a tent to allow patrons to travel inside and outside with their cocktails in hand. The fundraiser for Hartford Healthcare drew nearly 1,000 attendees, helping to raise awareness for the cause.

“In addition to that money, which is so critical to behavioral health, we raised awareness and we’re getting more people engaged in stopping the stigma for behavioral health,” said Jeff Flaks, president and CEO of Hartford Healthcare.

The “Black and Red” event was one of the first Hartford Healthcare fundraisers since the beginning of the pandemic, during which the importance of mental health spiked.

“The future of behavioral health is very bright and continuing to develop,” Flaks said. “We have to bring behavioral health closer to more people, and we have to eliminate the stigma so that people can understand when they need help, they can get help, and we should be proud about it.”

Even though we’re transitioning out of the pandemic, the need for behavioral health will continue to rise.