Bloomfield father fires shots to keep aggressive man away from daughter


Bloomfield police responded to reports of gun shots going off on Thursday at 1:15 p.m. in Bloomfield.

Michael Ferrigon, 43, who has a history with the Bloomfield police department involving mental health issues and drug abuse,was reported to be involved in a disturbance Thursday midday. The investigation revealed that the individuals involved were longtime neighbors.

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According to the police, this incident stemmed around Ferrigon approaching a 30-year-old female neighbor who was sitting in in her car. Ferrigon proceeded to open the unlocked car door and sat in the front passenger’s seat. Once inside he proceeded to tell the female that he “loved her, wanted to have her (sexually), and wanted to marry her”.

As she started to leave the vehicle, Ferrigon grabbed her wrist and continued shouting the same statements about “having her” and marrying her. She became frightened, started beeping the car horn causing her relatives to come out and see what was happening. She was able to break free and run out of the vehicle and into safety.

Ferrigon followed and was confronted by the female’s father and a fight ensued. Police say that during the scuffle, Ferrigon stated that he wanted to rape the female. As Ferrigon and the father of the victim wrestled, the father shouted to his wife to get his gun.

Reports say the father was then handed a .44 caliber revolver and he fired two shots into the air. Ferrigon then stopped his aggressions and returned to his own yard.

Officers were able to locate Ferrigon in the driveway of his home a few hundred yards away. Ferrigon was passive resistant at first, refusing to comply with officer’s verbal commands but then a taser was displayed, but not used. Once compliant, Ferrigon was taken into custody without incident.

The BPD Detective Unit conferred with the CT State’s Attorney Office while at the scene and were advised that criminal charges for the father would not be applicable for firing the weapon in this incident.

Ferrigon was charged with sexual assault and disorderly conduct among other charges. A bond was not set yet. 

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