Blumenthal tackles NFL for fumbling on domestic violence


Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal says an incident involving Kansas City Chief’s player Kareem Hunt, and the lack of action until a video surfaced last week, shows the NFL is not serious about it’s ‘zero tolerance policy’ on domestic violence.

When the tabloid website “TMZ” published this video a week ago showing Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt shoving and kicking a woman at a hotel in Cleveland it restarted the criticism of the NFL’s handling, or mishandling of domestic violence incidents among players.

Hunt had denied the assault and local police did not file charges.  Some are saying the Cleveland police are just as much at fault as the NFL.

The police department now says it has opened an internal investigation into the incident. 

Advocates for domestic violence victims joined Senator Richard Blumenthal in condemning the NFL for taking no action in the Hunt incident until after the video became public. 

Mary Jane Foster of the Interval House shelter saying, “These incidents have tremendous chilling affects on women coming forward, on women being safe.” 

Jillian Gilchrist of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence adding,   “By an individual speaking out and having an entity like the NFL do absolutely nothing, that is crushing to that individual and to so many other victims.”

As he did following a similar incident four years ago,  Blumenthal is once again attempting to hit the NFL where it could affect their multi billion dollar franchise on football entertainment.  

He’s re-introducing ‘The Sports Act’ in the U.S. Senate adding,”Which would eliminate the anti trust exemption guaranteed to the NFL, it would sunset it and make it conditional on the NFL acting against domestic violence.”

The anti trust exemption allows the teams, which are all independently owned to bargain as one big entity with the broadcast and cable networks and for everything else, including merchandising.

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