Troconis free on bond after turning herself in to police in case of missing New Canaan mother

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(WTNH) — State Police confirms Michelle Troconis, girlfriend of Fotis Dulos, turned herself in to State Police Thursday afternoon, posted bond and is free.

Troconis turned herself in at around 1:30 p.m. and was charged with Tampering with Evidence. She was released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Fotis Dulos was arrested for the second time on Wednesday afternoon in his Farmington home and was charged again with Tampering with Evidence.

Fotis and Troconis were previously arrested and charged with Hindering Prosecution and Tampering with Evidence. Both pleaded not guilty and were released on bond.

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Dulos’ lawyer, Norm Pattis, released the following statement on Troconis’ arrest:

“Our hearts go out to Ms Troconis. We are confident that she will, in the end, tell the truth at trial. The state is a terrifying enemy, but a clean conscience is a powerful ally.”

News 8 has broken down some of Michelle Troconis’ statements included within Fotis Dulos’ 43-page arrest warrant below:

Jennifer Dulos, Fotis’ estranged wife, has been missing since May 24th.

Findings specifically in regards to Michelle Troconis from the arrest release:

On accounting the whereabouts of Fotis Dulos on the day of Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance:

“Under direct questioning, Troconis ultimately acknowledged that she was unable to account for the whereabouts of Dulos on 05/24/19 starting at approximately 8:00 AM until between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. When shown screenshots from the HPD surveillance footage, Troconis indicated they depicted Dulos driving the 2014 Ford Raptor pick-up truck registered to Dulos’ company – The Fore Group – along Albany Avenue depositing multiple bags of unknown contents in the city trash receptacles.”
“Troconis also indicated identified herself on the video as the sole passenger in Dulos’ vehicle. Troconis claimed to have no knowledge of what Dulos was doing during the approximately thirty minutes spent dumping garbage bags indicating she was on her cellphone.”

On written documents recording activities of the day Jennifer Dulos was missing…

“On 06/03/19 members of the WDMCS Crime Van were processing Dulos’ residence (4 Jefferson Crossing) when they located handwritten notes in the Fore Group business office which outlines specific times and activities on 05/24/19 and 05/25/19. In a secondary interview conducted on 06/06/19, Troconis identified these documents as having been written out by Dulos and herself to “help them remember” their activities on these dates. The two pages which Troconis admitted to having written included a page of phone activities including call times, durations, whether the calls were incoming or outgoing, and the individual called. Troconis admitted to having authored another page which listed specific activities and their times starting at 6:40 AM until 5:10 PM. The documents also included two handwritten pages which Troconis reported were written by Dulos which included times and activities ascribed to both Troconis and himself. Both notes included information, which was subsequently proven to be inaccurate, events which Troconis was forced to admit during questioning had never happened, and they included alibi witnesses who were later determined to be false. The notes also omitted all incriminating behavior – e.g., disposing of garbage bags in Hartford. Detectives came to refer to these notes as the “Alibi Scripts.”

On clarifying events and prior statements…

“That on 08/13/19 at approximately 12:50 PM Troconis came to the WDMCS Troop G office to provide a third recorded interview in the presence of her attorney. Facts which were ultimately provided by Troconis included:

  • Troconis admitted that during her previous two interviews with police, she had not been truthful
  • Troconis confirmed she did not physically see Dulos upon her waking on the morning of 05/24/19 at approximately 6:40 AM until after noon.
  • Troconis claimed she was “mistaken” when she reported that she and Dulos had shared a shower on the morning of 05/24/19. This initial claim was inaccurate, despite the fact it appeared on the “script” prepared by Dulos and perpetuated by Troconis in her first interview.
  • Troconis reported that Dulos arrived back at 4 Jefferson Crossing for lunch between noon and 1:30 PM. She claimed Fotis Dulos at a “quick” lunch together – approximately fifteen minutes long – during which she did not Dulos where he had been or what he had been doing during the morning hours. Troconis indicated that the victim, Jennifer Dulos, did not come up in the conversation at all during their lunch.

On assisting Fotis with cleaning an alleged coffee spill in the Toyota Tacoma…

“Troconis indicated that during the afternoon of 05/24/19 which the couple was together at 80 Mountain Spring Road in Farmington, she had witnessed Dulos cleaning what he described a spilled coffee out of Gumienny’s 2001 Toyota Tacoma. Troconis told investigators at one point Dulos had handed her a stained towel he had been using to clean the truck and told her to place it into a plastic garbage bag.l When questioned about the towel, Troconis claimed she could not remember the color of the strain, but she admitted the towel did not smell of coffee.”

On the significance of taking the keys to the Toyota Tacoma…

“Investigators asked Troconis how she had ended up with the keys to the Toyota in her possession. She provided a variety of answers before finally stating, “So then I took the keys. I took the keys.” When ask why she took the keys, after a short pause, Troconis later told investigators she could not remember if she had taken the keys. (Note: the significance to investigators of the removal of the Toyota keys by Troconis was that when Gumienny was locked out of his own vehicle, Dulos had offered for him to keep the Ford Raptor for that weekend. This would have provided Dulos with two additional days to clean the interior of the Toyota before returning it to Gumienny. As it happened, Gumienny had insisted on taking the Toyota and Troconis was called by Dulos and she returned with the Toyota keys. It was the following week that Dulos and Troconis took the Toyota to be cleaned and detailed without Gumienny’s knowledge or permission.

On Michelle Troconis’ presence at the car wash with Fotis Dulos….

“Troconis advised detectives that on 05/29/19 Dulos had told her that Gumienny wanted to sell his Toyota. For this reason, Dulos had planned to bring the Toyota to have it cleaned and detailed. Troconis claimed, “Fotis at some point calls me says…pick me up at the car wash in the in the parking lot and so I went to pick him up and then we went…to meet with Andy (Attorney Andrew Bowman) and we drove.” Troconis made it sound as if she had no idea what Dulos was doing and that she had simply been called by Dulos to come pick him up. Only through pointed questioning did Troconis admit she had followed Dulos to Russell Speeders Car Wash in Avon where she waited in the parking lot for him to emerge from the lobby before the two drove Westport to meet with Attorney Bowman. Troconis went on to say, “On the way back [from Westport] I receive a phone call from the car wash at 1:39 [PM] saying the car was ready.” Troconis appeared “confused” as to why she was receiving an unexpected call from the car wash. Troconis offered, “…after the meeting with Andy [Bowman] we drove back to Farmington…he [Dulos] stops at the bank..and then back home or I went to pick up Nicole…that’s…but I mean…that car, he washed the car.” Troconis was asked by investigators why she throught Dulos would be washing the Tacoma. Her reply was, “Well obviously…all the evidence says because…you showed me the picture of the blood in the door it’s because the body of Jennifer at some point was in there.”

On Michelle Troconis’ identifying herself and Fotis on bank surveillance…

“Investigators showed Troconis screenshot taken on 05/29/19 from a video surveillance system at the People’s Bank located at 310 West Main Street in Avon. The photo shows a male and a female in a dark SUV making an ATM transaction. Troconis identifies herself in the passenger seat of the vehicle and Dulos as the operator as he completes an ATM transaction.”

On helping clean up an alleged coffee spill in a truck….

“Investigators questioned Troconis again about her activities the afternoon of 05/24/19 at 80 Mountain Spring Road. Troconis indicated she was handed a paper towel by Dulos, who was in the process of cleaning “a coffee spill” in the Toyota. Troconis reported placing the paper towel “In… one of the black bags,” apparently referring to the plastic garbage bags which she told investigators she brought to 90 Mountain Spring Road.”

News 8 will update this story as more information comes in.

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