BROOKFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Brookfield couple who served in the United States Military is doing their part to bring awareness to veterans battling depression through their company “Calculated Survival.”

Calculated survival” prepares others for what they call the “best and the worst the wilderness has to offer.”

The Brookfield couple is leading others away from the “wilderness”, as they know many others never find their way out of the darkness.

“Everyday person that might find themselves lost in the woods. Might find out that there’s wildfires or floods coming, and they need to have some basic training and tools to get out of there,” said Erik Kukk.

Erik and Michele Kukk met while serving in the United States Army together. Erik worked as a Counter Intelligence Agent and Michelle worked as a Mechanical Engineer.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, the Kukk’s worked to bring awareness to something near and dear to them; the fact that 22 veterans commit suicide everyday on average. The Kukk’s are hoping to bring awareness on depression to the masses, as it is not just veterans who are suffering the condition.

The Kukk’s participated in a ruck march where individuals walked 22 miles while carrying 22 pounds in honor of the veterans who lost their battles with depression and of those currently struggling with the condition.

“The number 22 fluctuates just that we have any veterans committing suicide per day is a huge loss. And, if you can help somebody, then help them,” said Erik Kukk.