Brush Fire Danger Increasing


We do often get these as warm weather starts to come to Connecticut in the spring. Right now, the National Weather Service doesn’t have a red flag warning up for Connecticut but inland areas are being warned for “Elevated Risk for Fire Spread on Monday”. It may make you wonder why these brush fire warnings pop up most often this time of the year, and not as often in the summer or winter. Here’s why:

Think of it as the worst combination of things. In the summer, the air is typically humid and the leaves are on the trees. As a result, moisture can get trapped in grassy and shaded areas, making it harder for fire that starts to spread quickly.  So why not the winter since it’s so dry? Well we do see brush fire danger in the winter, but with snow typically on the ground it makes spreading of fires very difficult.  The combination of warmer temps, a high sun angle to evaporate any moisture on the ground, and dry air are what make this time of the year especially bad for brush fires. The final important component is wind. If it’s breezy like it will be tomorrow, fire danger increases. So here are some tips to make sure you don’t become part of the “cause” of a fire:

  • Never throw cigarettes or matches on the ground.
  • Be careful not to back your car up onto leaves or brush…your exhaust pipe is hot enough to catch it on fire.
  • Do not leave your grill unattended, a falling piece of burning oil or fat can quickly spread.
  • Light fires with extreme caution. Make sure you wet the ground around your fire pit first, and never throw cardboard, paper, or leaves into the fire.
  • Clear out any brush around your house!

Even though we do have some rain in the forecast, I do suspect we will see brush fire danger continue to increase the next few weeks before the leaves pop back up on the trees. HERE is the forecast so you can see when rain will come back.

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