(WTNH) – It’s no surprise that we are continuing to talk about brush fire danger, which on Tuesday is high across the state. That means open burning is not recommended.

The relative humidity is very, very low. News 8 Meteorologist Sam Kantrow is looking at some of the components the state needs to have in order for us to get this high brush fire danger.

There is very dry vegetation after not getting rain for a long period of time. The relative humidity being low means that fires can spread faster, and the wind is a very important component.

On days like Tuesday, it’s pretty windy with gusts up to 25 miles per hour, so what do you have to be aware of with these brush fires? There are four things to know:

  • You should not have any open burning
  • Keep an eye out for car exhausts when you’re backing up the car and trying to turn it around
  • Be smart when you are grilling. Flames can spread and drip onto the ground
  • If you see smoke, always make sure to call 911

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