Bus driver at center of vicious attack video speaks first to News 8


The CTtransit bus driver seen in a now-viral video being brutally attacked with a metal cane is speaking first to News 8. Stefan Knox described the moment right after he was attacked.

“My whole face was covered in blood,” said Knox. “My work jacket was covered in blood, my pants, my boots were covered in blood. He hit me directly in the eyebrow.” 

Hamden police told News 8 that William Horn, 65, well known to local officers, cracked Knox over the head multiple times. His bosses ruled his first reaction self defense.

“He hit me [and] it was survival mode, you know, get up on on him, try to bring him down before he hit me again,” Knox explained.

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But a dropkick by Knox outside the bus minutes after the initial assault got the 19-year-veteran driver fired. According to the transit agency, that subsequent action by Knox was deemed “inappropriate and dangerous.”

“He’s a threat to society at that particular time,” Knox said. “If he already hit me one time and he’s bending down, I don’t [know] what he has in the bag, I don’t know what he’s picking up. He’s a threat.”

Knox told News 8’s Mario Boone he thought he might die. He said his wife and two children flashed before his eyes. Then, on top of getting fired, Knox said he was denied workers’ compensation.  

“They should be happy to write me a check for my time earned,” according to Knox.

Now, jobless and without health insurance, Knox told us he wishes his attacker well.

“I hope he gets the help he needs,” he said.

Knox is appealing his workers’ compensation denial and his firing.

A fundraiser for him is scheduled for this Friday night at 50’s on Fitch.

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