NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Saint Patrick’s Day parade party goers in New Haven are angry after hearing word that a day of jubilation had ended in violence.

“There’s no place for that at all in this type of town,” said Gregory West.

Over on Crown Street the road was blocked off Sunday evening after man was shot in the leg inside the Uptown Upscale Lounge. Police are identifying the person injured as 24-year-old Norman Walters. Walters was taken to Yale-New Haven hospital and is expected to be released soon.

“I don’t think its anything that particular with the time or the area or anything like that,” said Michael Longley, owner of New Haven bar/restaurant, The Regal Begal.

What happened on Crown Street may be an isolated incident but in recent days there has been a string of assaults at popular bars and clubs in our state. In Hartford, Saturday, a 24-year-old man from Springfield Mass. was stabbed over at the Club Symmetry Vine on Union Place, he was later pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. And in Watertown police are searching for a group of people after they say they stabbed a man, hit another man on his head with a beer bottle, and assaulted a woman outside the Red Door Bar on Sunday.

Back in New Haven, some who work for bars tell News 8 they make it their mission to keep communication open with police to prevent bad things from happening during events like the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Moreover, many local business owners say that they took precautions to keep people safe. For example, at the Regal Begal the owner, Michael Longley, tells us that they had hired a New Haven police officer for the festivities.

“You like to think that people know better and can behave themselves but unfortunately certain things happen,” said Longley.

Longley says he’s saddened by what happened on Crown Street but thinks there’s only so much an owner can do to make sure violence never occurs.

“Unfortunately these things have always happened and probably always will. You just have to do your best as a business owner in the city to try to prevent it as much as you can.”