Vacation time, healthcare and 401ks are great benefits, and hey, who doesn’t love free coffee? But now, a lot of companies are starting to offer more exotic perks like those Google nap pods you may have heard about.

Google actually encourages their employees to take naps on the job.

Oh, and Netflix employees, well, they have unlimited time off.

However, it’s not just the household name companies that offer such perks. Businesses right here in Connecticut have also adopted the idea.

Charles IT in Middletown tries to go above and beyond the standard benefits.

“We have something called corporate concierges. Any task that needs to be done while you are in the office, an oil change or ‘I forgot it’s my moms’ birthday, I need flowers or a card,’ someone will go pick that up for them and bring it back,” explained Charles IT CEO Foster Charles. 

Having a bad day? Nothing an office dog can’t fix.

“I bring my dog, Mia, and she gets to hang with me and, you know, if I have a bad meeting or a bad call or something goes wrong, it’s always nice to have my dog here  that I can pet and make me feel better,” stated Charles IT employee Sal Marino.

Foster, the CEO of Charles IT, says that by offering such perks, employees enjoy being at the office and they get more work done.

“We need to attract then retain high-quality talent,” he said.

This is something David Salinas, co-founder of Digital Surgeons in New Haven, also agrees on.

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“If you want the best people, then you have to put out a message that you are a great place to work,” Salinas said.

Imagine never worrying about when you’ll fit in that workout.

“One of the cool perks we have had forever is a free gym policy… We think they have to take care of their mind, body and soul,” Salinas added.

That’s where the onsite meditation room comes in handy.

Yes, a lot of these perks are new to the workplace, but Adams Knight in Avon has been providing a tasteful perk to its employees for 30 years, free lunch.

CEO Jill Adams said that when employees break bread together, it’s beneficial, especially for a marketing firm like hers. 

“The value of what this does for productivity, collaboration, and innovation. It just goes so far as far as teamwork,” Adams said. 

So, whether it’s free dry cleaning, paternity leave or PAW-terninty leave, by offering competitive benefits and perks, management and employees think the benefits will go beyond attracting high-quality candidates.