A new source of income could be on its way for struggling Connecticut farmers.

President Trump is expected to sign a bill allowing commercial hemp farming.

Hemp cultivation could bring a farmer as much as $100,000 an acre.

State legislation and regulation will be needed before farming can begin.

Despite the good news, there is concern. Federal legislation was passed in 2014, allowing states to license hemp growing for research.

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Connecticut was the only state in the northeast that didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

“It was ticking off the farmers big time and, including Congressman Joe Courtney from the 2nd District, felt the state moved very slowly on that. So, with that kind of history, farmers are worried the state won’t move fast enough to set up the kind of regulations they need to start growing hemp this spring,” explained Hartford Courant Staff Writer Gregory BHladky.

Hemp produces CBD oil, which can be useful in treating a variety of ailments.