NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Another round of help is on the way for a third generation, family-run businesses in North Haven. That’s all after Congress passed that second stimulus back in December.

It’s obviously difficult to run a cleaning business in a pandemic when many people aren’t using dry cleaning services. Business was down 80 percent at the height of the pandemic. Owners say they are hopeful things will turn around with this second round of relief.

They’ve been around for 70 years but when the state shut down in 2020… so did their customer base.
Then North Haven’s Best Cleaners snagged a $600,000 check during the first round of the federal Paycheck Protection Program, allowing them to stay afloat and keep employees. Now, they’re up for a second round.

“Making a decision in April and March to have to furlough people was a tough decision and also we need to retain our employees and our talent, and I think this second round is going to allow us to do that,” said Shawn McCann, President of Best Cleaners.

Congress closed out December passing another $284 billion for the PPP program. Best Cleaners is unsure how much they’ll get this time. U.S. Senator Murphy stopped by to hear about their needs.

“We’ve got a lot of companies like Best Cleaners that were able to take advantage of the first round but need that second round in order to keep paying their employees and to stay open,” said Murphy.

Business is still off here by about 25 percent in this new year. Local officials are hopeful that will turnaround.

“I really believe in this coming year we’ll have continued growth,” said First Selectman Mike Freda.