HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Jared Welcome is not your average artist, he creates masterpieces with a chainsaw fit to his customer’s needs.

Welcome is a single dad to a little girl, and an adult-ed shop teacher.

He is also known for something else. His incredible wood carvings.

News 8 Photojournalist Tim Clune got a chance to see Jared work his magic, bringing his creations to life.

“About 8 years ago or so, I saw a TV show on carving and thought it was interesting. I felt the pit in my stomach like I could do it. So in my backyard, I had a chainsaw my parents got me when I was 16 and just tried it, and liked it and I started on smaller pieces,” said Welcome.

Jared has worked on smaller carvings made into dogs, owls, and horses. He’s also taken on bigger projects such as the one in Bristol on Memorial Boulevard, where he carved a pine tree with larger animal pieces climbing it.

“The little ones are easier because I can move them around and I could practice. And if I made a mistake, you can kind of get rid of them and then get a little one. And again, it’s just like any sport. You got to practice and practice and practice. Normally the customer will tell me a couple of animals that they like and then they kind of give me free rein,” said Welcome.

Jared emphasized what he appreciates the most from his work.

“Truly the best thing about carving is just the amazing people you meet along the way, the people that have the backstory that I didn’t know about. And then you do a carving for them,” said Welcome.

He just completed an Eagle in Thomaston for a woman who lost her husband due to Covid. He loved eagles and asked Jared to carve an eagle to face a riverbank.

“I like carving because if I can make some people happy, at least if they go to work, instead of talking about all the negative stuff, maybe they can talk about the carving,” said Welcome.

“Anybody that hires me to do something deserves the best. So they’re going to get the best of me. Ultimately, I want my customers to come out with that big smile on their face, and they’ll be really happy and really proud of what I gave them,” said Welcome.