MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A local business is going to be back in the spotlight Friday night. Milford-based Boost Oxygen is making a return appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Folks in their Milford warehouse are working so fast, they might be out of breath. It’s a good thing what they are shipping is canisters of oxygen.

“Our biggest market is actually Colorado and places of altitude where there is less oxygen in the air and people are used to grabbing a can of oxygen,” explained founder and CEO Rob Neuner.

But Boost Oxygen is expanding all over the world. Founder and CEO Rob Neuner says part of the reason is an appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank” about a year and a half ago.

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“We debated about whether or not we wanted to do it because we were kind of afraid,” Neuner said. “It can be very good or it can be very bad, as you know from Shark Tank.”

It was very good. Shark Kevin O’Leary offered them a million dollars for a percentage of the business. Now, he is a big part of their sales strategy.

“He’s gone on sales calls with Walmart and other places,” said Neuner. “He’s done commercials for us online and on social media. He’s been our biggest advocate.”

Now Neuner and his Boost crew are back in the Shark Tank for a “checkup” airing Friday night.

Usually, they send a TV crew. “They couldn’t come because of COVID-19,” Neuner explained. “And so what they did was they sent us a whole kit of cameras and lights and everything else.”

COVID also had a huge impact on business. Even though Boost Oxygen tanks are not medical devices, last March, people were suddenly desperate for oxygen.

“We sold out in three days,” said Neuner. “It was crazy. And we’ve been catching up ever since.”

They have been building back based on oxygen’s help improving athletic performance and helping hangovers. Their sales almost doubled after their first time on Shark Tank. Boost is hoping to get another Boost Friday.

“We are blessed to have the opportunity,” Neuner said. “Five million people watch the show, and then it goes into syndication after that, so it’s really kind of exciting.”

Right now, a lot of Boost’s manufacturing is done in Wisconsin and Baltimore, but they are about to double down on their Milford location. Soon they will not be using that Wisconsin plant, instead of filling 10,000 cans a day right in Milford.