(WTNH) — Gallup’s Job Creation Index for 2014 was recently released, showing the rankings for each state. Connecticut ranked last, followed closely by Alaska.

Gallup’s Job Creation Index is derived from full- and part-time workers’ reports of whether their employer is hiring and expanding the size of its workforce, not making changes, or letting people go and reducing its workforce.

In North Dakota, the state that ranked first, 48% of workers in 2014 said their employer is hiring and 12% said their employer is letting workers go, resulting in a +36 Job Creation Index score. By contrast, Connecticut’s +16 index score reflects 33% of workers saying their employer is hiring and 17% letting go.

The 2014 state-level findings are drawn from 201,254 interviews with employed adults nationwide, conducted throughout the year as part of Gallup Daily tracking. The full results by state are provided in the table at the end of this article.

Connecticut and Rhode Island tie for compiling the worst collective job creation scores since 2008 and are the only states to have ranked in the bottom 10 each year. New Jersey is not far behind, ranking among the lowest states for net hiring in all but one year.

Connecticut’s position at the bottom of the list in 2014 highlights that four of the six New England states had among the lowest Job Creation Index scores last year — the others being Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island. All four also ranked in the bottom 10 in 2013. New Hampshire has occasionally appeared in the bottom tier for job creation, leaving Massachusetts as the sole New England state that has avoided this unwelcome distinction.