Pool, spa shortage this summer due pandemic, big freeze this winter in Texas


UNCASVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — The pools on display at Treats Pools & Spas in Uncasville look like a great way to beat the heatwave expected to start this weekend. There’s just one problem.

“Unfortunately we can’t get pools in for this year,” said Bri Pohronezny.

You can put down a refundable deposit, but the pool won’t arrive until next year. The 106 pools they are installing now were mostly bought last year.

They usually install more than 200 a season. So why can’t they do that many this year?

“The manufacturers were shut down because of the pandemic,” said Pohronezny. “They had to jump through hoops to get liners and pools.”

Spas are also hard to come by. In fact, Treat’s hasn’t been able to get any new ones since 2019. The four spas there including the display are all sold.

They say the Texas feeze caused a shortage of resin to produce them. Other shortages are also concerning those who already have a pool.

“I picked up some chlorine tablets when I started to hear about it and some shock and stuff so I got that stuff,” said Skip Wise of Pomfret.

“Within a couple of weeks it was all… people were just taking containers after containers,” said Pohronezny who showed News8 the empty floor area which used to be filled with containers of chlorine tablets.

Pohronezny says people shouldn’t panic.

“We have a way of getting people through the summer,” said Pohronezny.

They have plenty of chlorine granules which can be tossed right into the pool and non-stabilizing tablets which need to be put in a skimmer basket or floater instead of the chlorinator.

“I prefer the non-stabilizing tabs because they’re not as harsh on your skin as the regular tri chlors,” explained Pohronezny.

She says you can also switch over to a salt system or non-chlorine alternatives like Sustain, Baquacil,, or an oxygen system to clean your pool.

“Don’t panic we’ll find a way of getting you some supplies,” she said.

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