(WTNH) — A UConn junior in engineering with a passion for baseball has developed a mechanism to help players train from home. Already, the Tampa Bay Rays and other baseball players have started using it.

It’s called ProVelocity. It’s a professional batting trainer that is helping a lot of players during the pandemic. And with cases on the rise in the state and recreational practices canceled, the creator says it just works.

Elijah Taitel started developing the idea when he was a junior in high school. He launched the product in January 2020 right before the pandemic hit.

He was also a finalist in the Innovation Quest in entrepreneurship this summer. Taitel has had a lot of support from his teachers, family and friends, especially his dad, who is one of his business partners.

He says he received a lot of pushback at first and he even doubted himself at times. But over time, the feedback has been fantastic. His target market are dads and moms with kids who are trying to get recruited to college.

I wanted to create something that I knew I could use to train every aspect of my swing and that I could be successful at the plate,” Elijah Taitel, UConn junior.”I think during the pandemic it’s super useful. I think it finally gives kids a way to train effectively at home.”

Elijah says it is one of the only products on the market that hits live baseballs at any speed which makes his product stand out.

Right now, ProVelocity is raking in $10,00 in sales a month, and he’s hoping by the time he graduates, he will be able to pursue this full time.