Can early exposure lower risk for peanut allergy?


(WTNH) — Peanuts and cracker jacks? Peanut butter cookies? P.B. & J. sandwich’s? Peanuts are an American staple, high protein, too.

But they have a scary side, peanut allergies.

Just a trace of peanut can cause severe breathing problems in someone who is allergic.

Now pediatricians are advising a new method to help parents safely do a kind of allergy immunization for their kids.

New guidelines from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases give us a how-to for infants.

One: Start your baby out with other foods before trying peanut butter. It’s not a first food.

Two: Take just a tiny bit of peanut butter mixed with warm water, give it to the baby, and keep a close eye on them for ten minutes. A little more, and observe for two hours.

Three: Never give babies whole peanuts. These are a big choking hazard.

Finally: If your baby has bad eczema or an egg allergy and allergies run in your family, talk to your doctor first.

Test it slowly, and safely.

Believe it or not, peanut exposure like this early in life can actually help prevent peanut allergies in kids.

Which will make a tremendous difference in their lives, and yours.

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