Can your body turn diabetes around?


Your doctor tells you that test results show you have type 2 diabetes. Can you make that go away?

Yes. A new study tells you why.

Researchers in the UK had 64 people lose about 30 pounds. 

It wasn’t easy – they strictly limited calories for 12 to 20 weeks; and yes, losing a lot of weight can actually give you back normal blood sugar levels.

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In those people who lost 30 pounds, they measured the amount of fat in their organs and blood. 

The pancreas, the organ that secretes insulin and is the source of the problem in diabetes, had less fat than before – perhaps that’s why the patients recovered. 

Of course, one study doesn’t give doctors a definite answer, but this new discovery helps counteract the thought that diabetes is a lifelong condition that just worsens over time.

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The study was done with careful supervision. You shouldn’t eat a 850 calorie diet without your doctor’s help, because, for most people, losing only about one pound per week is considered safe.

So, can cutting back on the croutons turn diabetes around for you? 

Make sure you talk with your doctor about your healthy weight loss plan, add physical activity, and see if your diabetes can disappear.

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