MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — Five months after recreational marijuana sales became legal in Connecticut, people can now get their weed delivered to their homes.

“We are the last mile part of the whole cannabis delivery system,” Jack Cochran, the owner of Green Coach Delivery, said. It’s the first licensed cannabis delivery service in the state.

Using unmarked vehicles, drivers began delivering cannabis orders from Fine Fettle in Manchester Friday.

“It could be any type of car at any time of day,” the general manager of Fine Fettle in Manchester, Ryan Green, said.

“Instead of coming in to get it, you stay home, you work, with your kids, whatever you’ve got to do, and we bring it to your doorstep,” Cochran said.

All ordering is done online. You pick the product and the time you want it delivered from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“So right now, there’s a minimum $75 order, and there’s a $10 delivery fee until you hit $150, and then you get free delivery,” Green said.

This is not a cash business because the orders are all placed online beforehand. But the vehicles are carrying cannabis products, so they are taking some safety precautions.

“No logos, GPS system we got to know where the driver is at all times, tracking, safety calls,” explained Cochran.

They also have an alarm, a lock box, and other safety measures we can’t show you.

Some may remember Cochran from his high school football coaching days. He won eight state championships at four schools, including in his hometown of New London, which is why he qualified as a social equity owner.

“The best part is not only do I get to start a new business, I get to give back,” Cochran said.

He plans to hire more than half of his employees from communities negatively affected by the war on drugs.

Fine Fettle’s Manchester location was also the first social equity dispensary in the state. Both are now hoping their budding businesses will grow as they work together.

“Someone calls their friend, say ‘Hey, I got my weed delivered today. It was easy as can be,” Green said. “I think it’s gonna catch on really quick.”