HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Recreational pot is now legal in Connecticut but as warmer months approach, there are still some questions as to where people should be allowed to smoke it.

Legalization came with a lot of rules, including no smoking within 25 feet of a doorway and you can smoke weed in the same area as cigarettes.

Parks will be decided city by city, town by town, It was on the planning and zoning agenda in West Hartford Monday night but the mayor said they need more time to research.

“It’s just such a bad scent, you know, and some people are allergic to smoke. I know I am, I cough at the first scent of smoke, someone’s smoking right over there right now,” said Tamarra Benoit of West Hartford.

Cities and towns that have more than 50,000 people are required to have some sort of an outdoor smoking area in at least some of the parks.

“If people who want to smoke, they can go to a separate smoking section, so there isn’t any trouble with that.” said Michael Haiem of West Hartford.

If they do make it illegal to smoke weed in the park, enforcement is still in the works as they look to limit marijuana use in public spaces.

“It’s not going to get enforced, this is West Hartford, the cops are not going to roll up here and do anything to anyone smoking anywhere,” Benoit said.

“No more weed in the park, ok good luck, people are still going to do it in their cars. I don’t think there’s much enforcing, but I think if you give people room to do it, there won’t need to be enforcement anyways,” said of Anna Williams of West Hartford.