Celestial treat this evening across the United States!


Meteorologist Kevin Arnone 

Not only will the moon be full this evening, but it’s also known as the “Snow Moon”. That’s not all, it will also feature a penumbral lunar eclipse! The show will go on this evening from 22:34:14 UTC until 02:53:25 UTC, or 5:34PM to 9:53PM. This is when the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon.

Sometimes it’s tough to really tell the difference between a penumbral lunar eclipse and a regular full moon because it will only appear slightly darker to the eye. However, this eclipse will likely be much easier to spot than normal because the moon will travel through the darkest area of the Earth’s penumbra or shadow. So the moon will actually appear considerable darker. That being said, penumbral lunar eclipses are generally less spectacular than total lunar eclipses.

This is all weather permitting of course. Well, that’s why you have me! Unfortunately, it’s looking like there will be more clouds this evening then clear skies across Connecticut. Of course..Right? But I wouldnt leave you hanging like that. I attached a video that’s live streaming the event! Check it out later.

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Meteorologist Kevin Arnone 

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