BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH)- Bridgeport parents and advocates are voicing their opposition to senate bill 1096, a 2 year moratorium on developing any new charter schools in the state. Bridgeport parent, Claudia Phillips said, “I have three children that are getting an absolute amazing education at charter schools and will be prepared to go to college and have great options in their lives and I want more families to have the same opportunity that my children are having.”

Anti-charter school groups rallied in Bridgeport. They want the senate bill to pass and say charter schools are a financial drain. Maria Pereira said, “I would like to see them banned. I do not think we need them. We should be investing in our neighborhood schools, our magnet schools. There is no need for charter schools.”

Pro-charter groups say there are currently 3,600 students on waiting lists and the bill would shut out new students, and deny children to be part of a successful educational program. Bruce Ravage who is the Executive Director Park City Prep added, “It does not drain money from the public schools we are even more accountable not less than traditional public schools, our selection process is above board

we accept all students and charter school students are performing at a very high level.”

Phillips said, “they can’t leave us behind, we need these schools we need to expand more choices.” If the bill passes it could happen as early as this week.