GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — If you want to get into the Christmas tree growing business, you’re going to need some patience.

Trees can take over 10 years to grow to a height suitable for sitting in someone’s living room.

“It’s not a get rich quick scheme,” said Richard Prout of the Christmas Hill Tree Farm in Guilford.

Prout started planting Christmas trees in Guilford back in the early 80’s.

It’s an investment in time and energy and a drought could be devastating.

“If I had Fraser furs out that I planted this year, I probably would have lost all of them,” said Prout.

The decision to not plant new trees this year turned out to be a fortunate one.

The hundreds of mature trees are in good shape despite the Connecticut drought.

“The trees appear to be nice and moist,” said Prout.

Rain came at the right time. Around two and a half inches in the last week of October made a big difference.

“The trees need to be good and moist before they go dormant, so that the needles will hold well after the tree is cut,” said Prout.

After decades on the farm, seeing a storm pass by, is almost as nice as seeing families pull up with saws in hand.