GROTON, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s legal to buy recreational marijuana in Connecticut now but don’t expect to light up in Washington Park or any other park or recreational area owned by the City of Groton including Eastern Point Beach.

“They’re gonna have a tough time with it because it’s been smelled on the beach before,” said resident Rita Kelly.

Signs clearly state there is no smoking in the parking lot or on the beach and one sign even cites the city ordinance 199 which prohibits it.

“We’ve expanded the ordinance to include cannabis products and vaping,” said Mayor Keith Hendrick, (D) City of Groton.

“I think it’s important because it’s a health concern too,” said Kelly. “Smoking is smoking.”

Enforcement begins with education. Asking people to move to the sidewalk if they want to smoke.

“If that doesn’t help then what we do we then get the police involved and we write an infraction and there’s a fine of $120,” said Mayor Hendrick.

Consuming marijuana will not be banned and neither is drinking beer or alcohol in Washington Park. You just can’t have glass containers or kegs.

“If you want to bring edibles or something like that I’m okay with that,” said Mayor Hendrick.

Many municipalities voted to ban cannabis sales prior to the legalization and now that it’s not just cigarettes people can legally light up, several are also considering banning use on city-owned properties.

“I know New London was looking at it and some of the other surrounding towns were looking at it as well,” said Hendrick.

Groton could have the changes on the books by next month. They already got initial council approval and are seeking public input.

“My input would be go for it,” said Kelly.