Cold weather car trouble, and how to prevent those troubles


As the temperatures drop and the snow banks freeze and pile up, so does the car damage. It’s some pretty significant damage with the snowbanks so frozen it’s like running over a tree stump or a boulder. Dan Hovey at Turnpike Motors Autobody says it is a painful way to end up in the body shop.

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“You hear a crunch and a screech along the side of your car and you know in the driver seat there is some ugliness outside your car.”

Also a warning from Kevin Nursick at the DOT, potholes. They’re coming up early, and they’re coming up in great numbers. It’s been the perfect winter storm for potholes with the freeze, thaw rain cycle. Nursick says to limit the damage, you need to limit your speed.

“That could be the difference between reaction time to avoid the pothole safely, also the amount of damage that may or may not have been done you may have no damage if you’re traveling at a more appropriate speed.”

The cold can also damage your battery, draining it’s power. You might want to leave a little extra time to start your car in case you find it dead when you wake up and you have to jump it. 

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