NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–As News 8 first reported two weeks ago, the Connecticut Republican Party is planning a three day ‘digital summit’ in New Haven next weekend for activists to learn more about getting out their message on social media. There is a charge for admission.

The President of College Republicans at Southern Connecticut State University, 19-year old sophomore Sarah O’Connor, has been working on the project and has e-mail evidence that the school gave the okay for the event to be held there, but now says there will be a $4,000 charge for the use of the hall. “From my past experiences being a conservative on this campus, I one-hundred percent believe that I am being discriminated against because I’m a conservative,” said O’Connor.

The State Republican Party Chairman says, “It’s an educational event. I’m highly disappointed that the university would do this at this hour. The university never contacted us. They’re changing the rules.

“Raising money at a public or even a quasi-public institution for a party or an organization, they should have to pay for that facility,” said Nick Balletto, the State Democratic Party Chairman.

The State Democratic Party Chairman admits that another Southern student, who is also a paid staffer for the Democratic Party, is the one that started questioning school administrators about the event.

In a statement, SCSU spokesman Patrick Dilger says,  “Upon learning that the event was being organized by the State Republican Party, it was subject to the same fees and insurance charged to all outside groups that rent university facilities.”

The Republican Party Chairman says they will now hold their event at the Caritas Christi Center on the campus of Sacred Heart Academy at 295 Benham Street in Hamden. More information can be found here.