EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Dannel Malloy went back to school today… visiting an East Hartford fifth-grade class. He was there to visit his counterpart, so to speak.

“I was really excited and I’m still really excited,” said Elena Tipton.

Elena had a special visitor at school on Friday. The O’Connell Elementary student isn’t just any fifth-grader; she’s the “Kid Governor” of Connecticut, and she surely loves her home state.

“I’ve had a whole bunch of opportunities that I never thought I’d have,” said Tipton. “Everyone is so nice and there are a lot of cultures you can learn about and it’s really nice and open and welcoming.”

Elena visited Malloy’s office at the capitol, but he was out that day, so he decided to swing by her school today.

“I think it’s a great program,” said Tipton.

The “Kid Governor Program” has been around since last fall. Elena’s message to her constituents; treating people the right way.

“She said be kind, which is not surprising because that was her platform to be elected governor and she was just a wonderful young lady,” said Malloy.

So, is there thought of a higher office?

“I’m going to be president. Watch out, Hillary Clinton,” said Tipton.