NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Cases of the flu are starting to spike in both adult and pediatric patients across the state.

“The flu can be dangerous for anybody who gets it the very young and the very old,” explains Dr. Leslie Sude, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics.

Flu cases detected through tests at various locations show the number of cases growing.
Three weeks ago Yale School of Medicine’s Virology Lab detected 144 flu cases in kids and adults. Two weeks ago it went up to 254. Last week it spiked to 709 flu cases detected.

First flu death of the season reported in Connecticut

To put this bad flu season into perspective, in a typical season that runs from October through April 800 – 1,000 cases of influenza are seen for the entire season, according to Yale’s Clinical Virology Laboratory.

The clinical director Dr. Marie-Louise Landry said the flu cases have surpassed that total already.

Connecticut Children’s is also seeing flu cases spike.

Blue RSV cases slowly declining 2 weeks ago. Source: Connecticut Children’s Instagram
Yellow flu cases on the rise last week. Source: Connecticut Children’s Instagram

We asked about treatment.

“If the symptoms are mild or moderate they can be safely managed at home,” Dr. Sude said. She does not recommend seeking out a flu test at the risk of exposing others unless you are advised to.

She says treatments like Tamiflu have to be given quickly. As for its effectiveness?

“When it’s helpful it might reduce the severity of the virus and duration of symptoms by generally half a day,” Dr. Sude said.

Dr. Sude wants parents to know that those who get flu shots fare much better if they do get the flu.

“They have a shorter duration of symptoms and less severity of symptoms.”