(WTNH) – There is still one more election to talk about this November. The Secretary of the State made the official announcement about who won the race for Kid Governor. News8 was there as students at Monroe Elementary School gathered to find out if fifth-grader Ellie Mendez won.

“The kid governor program is a civics program for fifth graders where they learn about state government and elections and voting by electing a real kid governor,” explained Kid Governor State Coordinator Nichole Pitruzzello.

Seven finalists were chosen. A campaign bus crisscrossed the state over the past two weeks. the big announcement finally came, and Ellie won. With a big smile, she threw her arms in the air in celebration. As happy as winning the election made her, Ellie ran on a platform of dealing with anxiety and depression. For Ellie, that topic is personal.

“I’ve suffered from depression in these past few years,” Ellie said. “At one point for my two dogs dying, my grandpa dying.”

She has been through a lot, but her family saw a real change as she ran for office.

“She has this passion inside of her that came through in this whole campaign that we actually didn’t really know,” said Ellie’s mother Stacey Mendez.

One of Ellie’s campaign promises is to put a “Turn My Frown Upside Down” mailbox in every classroom. Kids can write down their feelings and put the note inside.

“Then the teacher will check at the end of the day every day to see if anyone, any kid put a note in the mailbox,” Ellie explained.

Ellie’s term will officially begin on January 20th with an inauguration ceremony at the Old State House in Hartford. The six runners-up in the contest will serve as her cabinet in the upcoming year.