(WTNH) – A Connecticut couple on their honeymoon is among the hundreds of tourists from around the world trying to get out of Peru. Protestors there have taken over the streets after the sitting president was thrown out of power.

For the young couple from Greenwich, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is chaos in Peru as the country’s president was ousted and locked up after trying to dissolve Congress, and his supporters have taken over the streets.

Morgan and Jack Fox are from Greenwich. They got married this past summer and are finally on their long-planned honeymoon that took them through Peru. They didn’t plan on the government collapsing.

“We had gotten wind that there might be some issues politically over here, but nothing to be alarmed about,” Jack said. “And all hotels we were staying at reached out and said that we were good to go, and we would be ok.”

When the protests broke out, the Foxs said the roads became impassable.

“Just about every 100 yards, there was a telephone pole or boulders or trees or fires in the middle of the road with people running around them making it so that cars and regular transport couldn’t get through,” Jack said.

“The time I was really nervous was when they surrounded our car,” Morgan said. “Luckily, they just needed money or wanted money. We gave them what we needed, and we were able to get through.”

Along with the roadblocks, protestors also damaged the airports. Thousands, including the Foxs, gathered at the airport in Cusco on Friday when it finally reopened.

“We’re going to make it to Lima, fingers cross, in the next 20 minutes and hop over to any state in the United States just to get out of Peru,” Morgan said.

Although their honeymoon didn’t go quite as planned, Morgan and Jack say they have quite a story to tell.

“If we can make it through this, we can make it through anything,” Morgan said.

On Friday afternoon, the couple was about to jump onto a plane to get back to the United States.