(WTNH) – Lawmakers in Hartford are looking at a new batch of bills designed to cut down on the number of robocalls and texts you get on your cell phone.

Connecticut, along with a bunch of other states, has been fighting this fight for a while now, looking for ways to shut down these scam calls, which mostly come from overseas. They have made some progress, but now Connecticut lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are looking at new laws that would crack down on those calls even more.

On Tuesday, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong and state lawmakers held a news conference to unveil their latest batch of robocall bills. This new legislation would ban internet calls, robo texts, and fake area codes, no longer allow calls from 8 p.m. through 9 a.m., and have a do not call list.

“How many people get calls from Connecticut numbers that are clearly not from Connecticut,” Tong said. “The one that really spooked me was when I got a call from my own number and you pick up because you think there is something wrong with your phone, but it turns out it’s someone trying to scam you.”

There is also a provision in this bill that if you answer to whatever the phone pitch is “no,” the caller has to hang up in ten seconds.

Last year, Connecticut got more than 471 million robocalls.