HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Reaction to former President Donald Trump’s indictment continues across the country and in Connecticut.

Many state residents, lawmakers and party leaders on both sides of the aisle shared their thoughts on the unprecedented turn of events.

At Bushnell Park in Hartford, the indictment was the topic of conversation.

While walking his dog, Michael Williams told News 8; “I think he [Trump] is being targeted because it’s all about politics.”

Cindy Albiach of Hartford thinks there are more important issues going on in our country.

Trump indictment: What we know and what happens next

“I am over it… I’d really prefer that the media paid less attention to Trump,” Albiach said.

But Omar Tyson says he is following this story closely.

“I’ve been following everyday. I’m a government official, but this is my personal opinion… I think there should be charges brought against Donald Trump because if any president in the history of our county has had some shady activities – it’s Donald Trump,” Tyson said.

Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy held a news conference on the Bipartisan “Safer Communities Act,” a federal fun bill passed last summer and became fully operational in January on Friday.

The focused discussion eventually pivoted to the former President facing charges.

When asked for their response to the indictment Senator Murphy said: “I don’t think it’s our job to take sides in a criminal matter….. We haven’t even seen the charges yet. I think it’s pretty incredible that some of my colleagues believe they are clairvoyant – and they can judge the president’s innocence.”

Senator Blumenthal emphasized that no one is above the law, including Donald Trump. He also spoke about the grand jury’s decision. “Make no mistake.. it isn’t the prosecutor who has make the decision to bring charges against Donald Trump. It is a grand jury – lawfully empaneled by everyday Americans.”

NYPD cops ordered to patrol in uniform, prepare for mobilization after Trump indictment

Both Blumenthal and Murphy voiced concerns over potential violent protests or demonstrations.

“I just think this is a really important moment and I think everyone who supports the president needs to be pretty careful with the words they use – so that we don’t have another January 6th on our hands”, Murphy said.

Connecticut Republican Chairman Ben Proto told News 8 he was disappointed by the actions of Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney leading the case against Trump.

“When you weaponize the justice system to go after people you don’t agree with – whose speech you don’t like,  political views you don’t like, that’s a descent into a place we don’t want to go in this country,” says Proto.

The former president is expected to surrender to authorities in New York early next week.