The shootings on the campus of the University North Carolina at Charlotte hit close to home for some in the Huntington section of Shelton.

One of the students who was shot and injured grew up in Huntington.  

20-year-old Sean Dehart was one of six people shot when a gunman opened fire in an academic building, wounding four, but killing two.

One of the students who died, Riley C. Howell, lunged at the gunman and tackled him, preventing him from firing more shots. However, in the process of his heroic actions, Riley was shot and killed.

Dehart was lucky. Yes, he was injured, but as of this writing, he is on his way to recovery — doing so well — that he was released from the hospital.

That was a relief to a family friend and former neighbor back in Huntington, Conn.

“I’m glad that he’s expected to recover because it was very frightening,” Beverly Lauren said. 

Lauren remembers Sean as a sweet kid who used to play with her children while growing up here in Connecticut.

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“I just remember he and my son, Brody, would be in the backyard on the swing set or looking for frogs,” she said. “He was really an adorable little kid.”

Sean’s family moved out of the neighborhood a few years ago to head down to North Carolina.

Lauren’s family still keeps in touch with them. They exchange Christmas cards every year.

“They were wonderful neighbors.” she said. “We miss them in the neighborhood.”

The campus shooting sent waves of concern when thinking about her own college-aged son.

“It’s just a terrible thing and very upsetting to hear and we have a young son as well, going to college next year, and you think you’re going to be safe in school, but that’s not true anymore.”

But, knowing that Sean is safe and will be okay brings a smile to Lauren’s face.

“My heart goes out to the Dehart family and I hope they’re all doing okay,” she said.

The other three injured students remain hospitalized. Dehart is the only one that has been released.

Police said the suspect, 22-year-old Trystan Andrew Terrell was disarmed and taken into custody at the scene. At the filing of this report, a motive for the shootings was not known.